Wisconsin Bankers Association Leaders in Banking Excellence

Honor a Banker! From now through May 13, 2022, the WBA is accepting applications for the 2022 class of the WBA Leaders in Banking Excellence.

The Wisconsin Bankers Association Leaders in Banking Excellence honors current and former banking leaders who have helped shape their bank and/or our state’s banking industry with recognition in the WBA headquarters building in Madison on the Wall of Excellence. 

The Wall of Excellence is prominently featured in WBA's new Engagement Center, where thousands of bankers will view them each year as they attend the variety of meetings and training programs hosted there. The information on your honoree’s plaque will give today’s bankers a glimpse of those who have helped make our industry what it is today.

Below is the Wall of Excellence featuring the Leaders in Banking Excellence Class of 2020:


Leaders in Banking Excellence Wall


WBA will accept applications from all members banks and individuals who have worked in the Wisconsin banking industry. Recognition on the Wall of Excellence is open to Wisconsin bankers who have demonstrated excellence in one or more of the following areas:

  • Banking
  • Community Service
  • Civic Involvement

The WBA Board of Directors will carefully review all recommendations and approve bankers who exemplify the values of the Wisconsin Bankers Association: highest ethics, professionalism, and enthusiastic service.

You will honor your approved banker(s) by making a $10,000 contribution for an individual or a $15,000 contribution for a family to WBA (may be tax-deductible as a business expense).

Please consider qualified candidates for this important recognition program and complete the nomination form below. 

Nomination Form

Nominee Information
First and last name as it should appear on the recognition plaque
Bank name as it should appear on the plaque
Nominee's current residence (City, State)
Nominee History
Number of years this individual served in the banking industry
List of institutions the nominee was part of during his/her career
Please describe how the nominee has impacted Wisconsin's banking industry by demonstrating excellence in banking, community service, and/or civic involvement. Limit 100 words.
How has the nominee been involved with the Wisconsin Bankers Association?
What else should the selection committee know when considering the nominee for this recognition?
Please upload a high-resolution image of the nominee to be used on their plaque.
Nominator contact information
First name and last name
Example: 1234 First Street
Example: 123-456-7890
Close up of WBA logo on wall