Executive Letter: Recognizing the 2022 Banker of the Year

Rose Oswald PoelsBy Rose Oswald Poels

Since 1986, bankers across the state of Wisconsin have been recognized for their outstanding efforts as leaders in our communities. This tradition, now celebrated annually at the WBA Bank Executives Conference in February, is equally as exciting as it is inspiring and encouraging to each of us in the room and throughout the industry.

Last year’s Banker of the Year, Steve Burgess of National Bank of Commerce in Superior, exemplifies not only the commitment bankers demonstrate to the community, but an incredible dedication to the industry as a whole. His career, spanning nearly 40 years, has accounted for remarkable growth throughout Wisconsin’s banking industry and in every community he has served.

Steve, and all previous Bankers of the Year recipients, are just a few of the many devoted individuals throughout Wisconsin demonstrating an outstanding commitment to their banks, communities, and the profession. It is humbling to recognize these exceptional leaders each year.

As such, the Wisconsin Bankers Association (WBA) will now be accepting nominations for the 2022 Banker of the Year through Friday, December 9, 2022. In addition to demonstrating remarkable service efforts over their career to both their bank and community, qualifying individuals must be an employee of a Wisconsin bank and WBA member as well as a current (or recent past) president/CEO.

Those nominating themselves or another qualified banker for the prestigious Banker of the Year recognition may submit the nomination form at any time before December 9, 2022. As our Association receives many qualified applications each year, those who have previously nominated a banker who was not selected are also encouraged to do so again this year.

Thank you for the continued work each of you do for Wisconsinites each and every day. I can say without a doubt that the devotion Wisconsin bankers show to our industry has left a lasting impression on many communities and fellow bankers. I look forward to hearing new stories about the outstanding service Wisconsin bankers do each day as well as celebrating these achievements in the new year.